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Electric Bike Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Electric bikes are simply equipped with a small and quiet electric motor. No fossil fuels are required and therefore are extremely quiet, clean, and green! Instead of a gas motor, electric bikes use a battery to supply power to the motor.

Riders under the age of 18 will be required to wear a helmet. We encourage everyone to wear a helmet but you do have the option to waive this offering if you choose to. Helmet laws are not required in Arizona and we want you to be able to create your own experience.

Electric scooters are ride and smile. Pedaling not available. The electric bikes use two types of power assist.

  1. Pedal Assist: Pedal Assist Mode is a great option for those looking to treat their electric bike as a traditional bike with a little help (or a lot) from the motor. In this mode the motor kicks in when the rider pedals. You can select different levels of power assist to allow for more or less help from the motor.
  2. Throttle & Go: This mode it is not necessary for the rider to pedal. Just twist and go! We love this mode when riding in town.
    The more you pedal the further you can go on a charge. It is also worth noting that our electric bikes have gears and are easy to ride without the help of the motor. If somehow you do run out of battery, you can still get home!

Absolutely. If you are in a group, you will be able to pay separately for your rental with your own payment method.

Rentals come with an electric bike equipped with a fully charged battery, bell, cell phone holder, adjustable helmet for safety and we offer lightweight backpacks if needed. We provide bottled water and strive to make sure your ride will be comfortable.

If you are looking for an educational experience this is not for you. WE RENT FUN AND SMILES.

You are responsible for the bike like if it was yours. We provide locks for free to all rentals and we will give you tips on how and where to lock your bike properly. If by any unforeseen event your bike gets stolen, we will file a police report on your behalf against the thief and your security deposit will be charged.

YES! Please contact us for details on rates and requirements by emailing or by calling 480-772-5750.

Proper safety and training are required prior to overnight or multiple day rentals but the special request can be accommodated for an extended rental by emailing or by calling 480-772-5750.

Participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Unfortunately, if you are 18 years old and your friend 17 years old, you cannot sign for him/her. Under Arizona Law, participants under 16 years old cannot ride electric scooters (without pedals).

Yes, at pickup you will have to sign our waiver. Legal guardians must sign for anyone under 18 years old.

We are pleased to work with large groups (6+ people) ask us about our Fun Fleet. Please contact us for details on rates and requirements by emailing or by calling 480-772-5750.

Don’t worry! You have a 15 minutes grace period; plus, if you go to the next hour price, you can pay for the difference directly at the store using cash or a debit/credit card.

Don’t worry, we understand that incidents can happen! For reasonable damages, we won’t charge anything to you. Rogue Electric Cyclery will keep credit card information on file. Through the waiver process, we will require you to acknowledge that the credit card on file will be charged for damages resulting in cracks, brakes or physical damage sustained while a “ride” is in your care.

Please bring a valid form of ID (Passport or copy, Driver License, Military Card etc.). We will simply make a copy of it and give it back to you.

If canceled over 12 hrs prior to your rental period; 100% of your order will be refunded. Please send us an email to No refund if canceled under 12 hrs prior to arrival or after pick-up.

We recommend wearing closed toed shoes, come prepared with sunscreen and make sure you have a good charge on your cell phone in case of emergency.


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